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How Do I Download From Putlocker To My Android?
12 months ago

Most people love the idea of going to the premiere of a movie, while others find comfort in solidarity at home. If you are the latter kind then you must have heard about the putlockers website.

Putlockers is a free website that allows users to stream and watch movies and TV shows for no cost at all. The site had a huge fan base and it came to a point where the internet service providers had to restrict the web users from accessing this platform. It has a great user interface that allows users to search and choose the files of their favorite movies and TV shows easily.

Even though the site was quite popular, it was taken down in the end by government agencies due to the violation of a few cyber laws. Sadly the users of the putlocker movie's website were left in shock. But if you want to access this site, you can easily do so with the help of proxy sites that are available on the internet. The proxies act as an intermediate for the users to access the parent website.

But make sure to use a premium VPN before you try to access the proxy sites in case the website is banned in your region since the site is not exactly known for being secure. A VPN hides your IP address which in turn helps you cover the track of your activities.  It is not advisable to access any third party links that are given on the site as they are not controlled by putlocker and accessing them may very well threaten your data and information.

In case you don't want to access this website, you can also try using the alternative sites that are quite similar and offer the same services as the putlocker. These websites are available on the internet for free.

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