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What is Aka MS Account Settings? How Can I Fix It?
4 months ago

Well, the game still hasn’t lost its touch, in fact, the game is much more famous at the present time than it ever was. Adults, children, all of them are playing the game and showing great interest in it. 


But for those who are new to it and do want to be among the huge fans of the game, we have something for you. Well, there’s not much required for the game in order to play it, all you need is a Microsoft account, and you can easily link your account to and start playing. 


Well, this was at the earlier stage, now that we know that even kids are also into this game, which is why there are some changes made by Minecraft. And those changes can only be done through “aka.ms/accountsettings”, but what exactly is aka.ms/accountsettings? Let’s find out. 

What is aka.ms/accountsettings?

What basically aka.ms/accountsettings is that, if you have a Microsoft account, then you’ll be able to make any changes in your account through aka.ms/accountsettings. So let’s see how can we do it:

  1. Login to your account by entering your email ID and password. 
  2. After that, click on “child account’s profile”
  3. Go to the privacy settings and click on “Minor’s GT”.


So this was all about the Microsoft account and changing its privacy setting from the parent’s account to the child’s account. Just with the use of aka.ms/accountsettings, you can change any settings of your Microsoft account as per your requirements. 

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